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France, champion of Europe

The title for the seniors's team, a silver medal for the women's team, good results of France in the European championships which have just ended in Dublin.

They did it ! After the world title, they had won in 2011, the French seniors's team: Patrick Grenthe, Philippe Vanhoutte, Patrice Piganeau, François Leenhardt, Philippe Poizat, Guy Lasserre, captain Philippe Cronier, have  confirmed that they are the bridge's bosses  in this category with their victory in European championships.


The team ladies, Danièle Gaviard, Vanessa Réess, Catherine d' Ovidio, Joanna Nève, Bénédicte Cronier, Sylvie Willard, captain Romain Tembouret, world champion in 2011, went at home with a silver medal, inspite of the handicap of Catherine d' Ovidio, victim of a fracture of the wrist a couple of days before the beginning of the competition. Both teams are qualified for Senior Bowl and Venice Cup in World on 2013 in Bali.

In Open, Jérôme Rombaut, Cédric Lorenzini, Jean-Christophe Quantin, Marc Bompis, Thomas and Michel Bessis, captain Jean-Claude Beineix, end eleventh and will not participate regrettably either in the Europe Cup, or in the world championships. However the team showed itself welded throughout the competition. But the players had fun to play together. A good point and the hope of better days.

Podium senior : 1. France (337) - 2. Pologne (328) - 3. Ecosse (325)
Podium Dames : 1. Angleterre (351) - 2. France (342) - 3. Turquie (333,5)
Podium Open : 1. Monaco (304) - 2. Pays-Bas (290) - 3. Italie (286) - 11. France (250)

The first six teams of every category are qualified for world championships in Bali in 2013.